What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cushioning Bubble Bags?
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Cushion bubble Bag, has been from the beginning of obscurity, to now, the various large electric platform are using its good situation. Of course, the quality of the buffer bubble bag can be very good protection of goods, but few people can very well distinguish its pros and cons.

So, Bauwang to tell you how to distinguish. First of all, we from a professional point of view, if it is enterprise users, you can look at its actual thickness, look at the flame after its burning color, or through the enterprise's Quality Inspection department identification and so on a series of tests to determine the advantages and disadvantages of the buffer bubble bag.

However, these methods for the general people still lack of certain operability, and then, Bauwang to tell you a few to distinguish buffer bubble bag good way. First of all, we can check the appearance of the air color. For cushioning bubble bag, its material is mostly nylon and PEC material mix, also have LEDP material made. First-class buffer bubble bag will not add any recycled miscellaneous material or filler masterbatch, vigorous and not frivolous, in the sun can pan out a faint pearl shell color, looking very comfortable.

If there is a yellowing or dark color, such an air bag is likely to be doped with recycled old materials.

Second, you can use your hands to feel the cushion bubble bag texture, high-quality bubble bag smooth and delicate, no particle sense, while the waste film is due to impurity ingredients impure, resulting in hot melt uneven, with a small touch of the fingers will feel a subtle sense of the particles. Finally, we can observe the work of the buffer bubble bag. High-quality buffer bubble bag, often beautiful atmosphere, work carefully.

On the contrary, if the quality of the gas column is poor, usually they will have one side of the pressure, the side of the light, the bottom seal on the uneven, rough lines and other problems, or even the existence of pressure to lead to a rapid leak, slow leakage and other serious problems.

In short, the advantages and disadvantages of the buffer bubble bag and its use of material has a great relationship, and different material system to make a cushion bubble bag style and feel is very different, as long as we can carefully observe, you can see through the inferior buffer bubble bag.

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