Types Of Self-proclaimed Bags
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Self-proclaimed bag refers to a bag that can be automatically sealed without any tools, such as a chain-like bag, self adhesive bag and so on. Clip Chain self-sealing bag (also known as dense bag, by ren bag, sealed bag, clip chain bag, bone bag, English: Ziplock bags,reclosable Bag, Zipper Closure bag,resealable), Polyethylene (LDPE) and High-voltage Line polyethylene (LLDPE) through blown film molding, eagerly mechanism bag, made of a plastic bag can be repeatedly sealed.

The common material has pe,eva,pet, the compound bag and so on Self-adhesive Bag type More, the use of a single film crosscutting, both sides of the heat seal, and then on the side of the bag affixed to the inside of the plastic mouth, common materials are: OPP adhesive, Express bag (multi-layer coextrusion film), PP,PVC, etc.

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