Talk About How To Choose The Cushion Bubble Bag
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Talk about how to choose the Cushion bubble bag

1, according to their own product size, design the appropriate specifications.

Actually, there is bubble film on hand, I use a knife to cut, tape sticky, hand-made a bag, to design a suitable size for the product. Why did you do that? Because the factory general design is large, the size of their own design is not only more beautiful, but also can reduce costs. Note that the factory production has a margin of about 1cm error.

2, bubble bag is made of bubble film, the quality of bubble film is a very important standard.

Some of the parameters of the bubble film are as follows: 

1) Material quality: generally divided into new materials and recycled materials. Also said the import of new materials, but I did not contact, do not know is not a gimmick. Generally speaking, the standard of domestic particles has been enough to use, really from Saudi Arabia, also not necessarily high to where. From the finished product, the new material bubble film whole roll color white, single piece transparency high, no visible impurities, no pungent odor, feel comfortable (touch), and then a lot of raw materials inside a variety of, but also good or bad, waste pipes and waste plastic film made out on the gap is very large, in short the more the color darker, the more opaque, the more impurities, The more pungent the smell. Good recycled material is also very high transparency, you can see whether the film has crystal points to distinguish, the raw materials melting uneven, easy to produce crystal points. Next to the left is the new material, the right side is a little bit of recycled material, into the volume of the put together or more obvious.

2) bubble Diameter: Generally mainly is 6mm,10mm,28mm these several, also has the 20mm (not very common), also has the heart-shaped bubble (appearance is special, the pressure is inferior to the round bubble).

The most common is 10mm bubble diameter, the application of a wide range of compressive capacity. 6mm is characterized by beautiful appearance, bubble looks very neat, suitable for telephones and other packaging products, mainly wear-resistant, incidentally shock absorption.

20-28mm bubble diameter, is a big bubble, characterized by high foam, the general thickness of the film will do more thick, cushioning the best effect of shock.

 3 Thickness: This thickness is not to say the height of the bubble, but the thickness of the film (a few strands of silk). The general newcomer is apt to be ambiguous in this. Bubble film because can not use micrometer direct measurement of thickness, so the general use of how many grams per square meter (similar to A4 paper has 70g,80g).

The heavier the weight, the stronger the pressure, the harder the feel.

A) the common thickness of 10mm bubble diameter from 35g/㎡ to 100g/㎡. It can also be made thicker, such as 200g/㎡, but for users, the cost is too high, so very little. According to experience 65g-85g/㎡ thickness, are a good choice, the pressure is good, the cost is not high.

b) The common thickness of 6mm bubble diameter is also from 35g/㎡ to 100g/㎡.

According to experience, this small bubble with 50g-70g/㎡ is more appropriate.

C) 20-28mm the thickness of the bubble diameter, from the 100g-200g/㎡ are used. The most commonly used is 200g/㎡. Because the bubble is big, if the thickness is too thin, it is easy to explode.

Therefore the common thickness is thicker than the bubble in the small bubble.

4 Special process: Double sided bubble, printing, color bubble film

a) two-sided bubble: Also known as three-layer bubble film, is the bubble film in the middle of both sides of the film bubble. In the case of this kind of membrane, the compressive resistance is inferior to the ordinary bubble film.

But compared to the ordinary bubble film has a certain thermal insulation properties, and can be made into rubber strip seal.

b) Printing: The structure and three layers of bubble film, one layer of flat film on the printed content, is generally a circular logo, the cost of increase is not much, but the grade of a big cut.

and can promote the brand, bring traffic.

c) Color bubble film: When you add the Masterbatch in production, you can produce the desired color. Other than pink is common in the market, other colors are relatively rare.

The cost increases, the order quantity increases, to the product packing significance is not big.

3, the selection of suitable materials, diameter, thickness and special process This is due to product and different.

1 Your product In addition to seismic wear-resistant, whether the appearance of packaging?

The material can be selected accordingly 

2 How high is your product to the earthquake resistance requirements?

The bigger the bubble diameter, the thicker the thickness, the stronger the earthquake resistance; but the harder it feels, the more it will be about scraping the product.

3 Are there any insulation requirements for your product? Are there any promotional needs? Need not be combined with the company VI design packaging products color? Personally feel that the printing cycle logo bubble bag, cost-effective is very high, both upgrade the product grade, and virtually occupy the customer's mind, but also to bring traffic.

4. Bubble bag making process, production capacity

1 bubble bags are generally hot-combined bag, you can check whether the hot mouth is neat, whether strong.

2 factory size, production capacity, distribution capacity is the key to investigate factors.

A) the scale is not too small, the scale is too small generally not according to work order, process operation, unstable factors too much, really have after sale problem also have no compensation ability; 

B) Production capacity According to the size of your order to consider, do not produce to use on the line;

C) Distribution capacity to see whether there are own distribution vehicles, two see whether the factory has your region's major customers, bubble bags belong to light goods, high distribution costs. Often need a car to distribution, if the factory in the area of customers or delivery immature, it is very easy to cause less than the distribution or increase distribution costs.

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