How To Judge The Single-sided Bubble Bag?
- Aug 13, 2018 -

From the surface bubble bag of different, white one-sided bubble bag also known as bubble film air cushion film, vapor bead Gum, bubble volume, the use of low polyethylene processing, is currently widely used in a transparent flexible packaging materials, wide use. What should be the difference between a single bubble bag and a double bubble bag? Bubble Bag single Two-sided larger difference, first one-sided bubble bag and two-sided bubble bag is not the number of faces of the bag, one-sided bubble bag appearance is bubble in the outside, you can touch a grain of bubbles; two-sided bubble bag is bubble in the middle, and then both sides are smooth PE film, double-sided bubble bag more than a layer of PE film, so he feels better, At the same time shockproof function is stronger than single bubble.

Single, double-sided bubble bags are suitable for the packaging of products such as bags, slices, single, double-sided bubble bags can be fortified electrostatic bubble bags, as well as different colors, printing. It can also compound other materials to increase the protective and aesthetic. From the ability to see the difference between bubble bags, one-sided bubble bag generally bear the product lighter, two-sided bubble bag can withstand slightly heavier products, single-sided bubble bags have thickness, the thicker the thickness of the earthquake can also strong, the price is also increased. The film contains air to form bubbles to prevent the impact of the product, to ensure that the product is shaken to play a protective role, but also has the role of insulation, suitable for all walks of life of different product packaging or turnover of use, because of the air cushion membrane layer is full of atmosphere, so light, full of elasticity, with sound insulation, shockproof, wear-resistant performance, it waterproof, Moisture-proof, pressure-resistant.

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