Cushion Bubble Bag Use Three Major Precautions You Should Pay Attention To
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Buffer Bubble Bag as a new type of cushioning material has been widely used in the delivery of various products, its earthquake resistance, cushioning, friction and other advantages of many people know that as a buffer material it played a protective role is no doubt, but the use of Wiair buffer bubble bag of cent, still need to pay attention to some problems.

One, the buffer bubble bag in the gas can not be too much.

The average customer thinks that the buffer bubble bag is cushioned by air, so the more gas inside the better, but the idea is wrong, when the buffer bubble bag in the amount of gas to reach 85%, this time buffer performance is relatively good, if the amount of inflation and then add, invisible side buffer bubble bag in the pressure increased, To a certain extent added the cushion bubble bag of its own pressure. Too much gas bubble bags in use will explode when the attack, and then attack the risk.

Second, buffer inflatable bag not to sun exposure 

Why can't buffer bubble bags be exposed to the sun? Actually, it's about chemical change, because of the buffer bubble bag inside a substance in the sunlight, will attack differentiated into another material, and very easy to be oxygen in the air oxidation, if the buffer bubble bag through exposure, cushion bubble bag often first appear color fade, gradually become crisp, Again by the kneading of external forces will attack break.

Third, the buffer bubble bag is not used in strong alkali transport

Although buffer bubble bag buffering performance is very good, and the use of a very wide range, but here must be reminded of the customer is in the strong base transport, is not to use a buffer bubble Dongguan stretch film is often used in packaging materials, through the production process of stretching film can know the quality of the tensile film.

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