The specific difference between aluminum foil bag and compound bag
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Aluminum foil bag refers to a composite bag containing aluminum foil composite bag, sealing machine according to the characteristics of aluminum and other high barrier materials after the dry composite production into aluminum foil bag products. Composite Bag main film substrates are: Outer printable film Bopabopetbopp inner layer can be hot sealing film Cpppe, as well as coextrusion film.

AL (aluminum foil) is also one of them, usually as the middle layer of these materials, according to the requirements of the plastic barrel sealer through the glue compound into a composite film.

Aluminum foil BAG Common structure: pet/pa/pe or Cpppet/al/cpppa/al/cpppet/pa0/al/cpp The basic characteristics are: PE suitable for low-temperature use, CPP suitable for high-temperature cooking so PA is to increase physical strength, puncture resistance, Al aluminum foil is to increase barrier performance, tea sealing machine shading generally as the middle layer of pet, increase mechanical strength, neat.

Toy Blister Sealing Machine then according to demand, combination, a variety of performance, there are transparent, in order to increase the barrier

"Oxygen-resistant and damp-resistant"Can use water resistant PVA high barrier coating.

1, aluminum foil bag with metal luster, filling and sealing machine on heat and light has a high reflective ability, and aluminum foil bag printing color more beautiful and bright.

2, aluminum foil bag isolation performance, strong protection performance, with the characteristics of gas and water vapor, blister sealing machine can effectively prevent moisture absorption and gasification, not susceptible to bacteria and insects, shape stability, not affected by changes in humidity. 

3, the use of shielding or stripping for some of the aluminum, you can get arbitrary patterns and any transparent window, aluminum foil sealer so that customers can see the packaging content, this is the aluminum foil bag production Technology a significant progress, but also a prominent feature of aluminum foil bag.

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