Bubble Cushion Wrap Sheet

Bubble Cushion Wrap Sheet

Product introduction: Bubble bag mainly use high-pressure polyethylene bubble film after cutting film processing, slice the bubble wrap bag need to size, and then through the bubble film bag making machine} {hot baked eagerly bag making machine bag production processing, mainly used in...

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The material is a flexible, transparent plastic with evenly distributed bubbles on a piece of paper. This ensures that the item is always cushioned on all sides to ensure minimal damage during transport.

The bubble size can be made in different ways to meet the size and background of the protected item. In some cases, it is recommended to wrap multiple layers around the item to ensure vibration and shock absorption.

Usually, the bubble wrap sheet is made of a polyethylene film. A flat film was used as the basis of the sheet, and then the formed film was placed on top of the flat film to generate bubbles.

Our foam packaging can be customized and available in different sizes to ensure that we meet the needs of each customer. The following sizes are very popular, with rolls, seams, perforations and flakes to choose from.

It is mainly used for electronic product packaging, plastic products, metal products, ceramic products, glass products and other products that need to be buffered and transported.



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